Going Green on the Grill

June 26, 2008

Summer is officially here. For many families that means firing up the grill for weekend BBQs. Have you ever thought about how to Greenify your grilling? Charcoal or gas? Which is greener? These questions remain up for debate.

Many people seem to prefer the taste of food grilled over smoking wood or charcoal rather than gas. Wood chips are a greener choice than charcoal. Charcoal releases more greenhouse gases than the wood. If you must have your charcoal consider eliminating the lighter fluid used to help ignite the fire. An alternative to the lighter fluid is balled up newspaper or a chimney starter.

Gas grilling is one of the most energy-efficient grilling options. Natural gas is greener than propane because it is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel which translates into burning releasing fewer of those dangerous pollutants. Electric grills are also a good green option.

For those that only grill on sunny days, you may want to consider a solar sizzler. This is clearly the greenest grilling option. Let’s face it, most of us would prefer to only grill on sunny days. I mean who really wants to stand out in the rain flipping burgers?

Whether you choose wood chips, lighter fluid-less charcoal, natural gas, electric or solar grilling methods, enjoy the endless days of summer bbqs and Green Grilling!


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