Green Celebs

August 15, 2008

I was browsing the internet the other day and came across something that caught my attention. A video clip entitled Green Celebs. I clicked on it to see who is be touted as a green celeb this week. There were 3 mentioned...Moby, Jack Johnson and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Moby (the singer) was highlighted for being very green for quite some time. He eats green and lives green (a green architect redesigned his home).

Jack Johnson (another singer/songwriter) was heralded for his recording studio, his home and his tour buses and trucks. He has even stated that if you don't like his cd - you can reuse it as a coaster for your drink!

Last but not least on this particular list of celebs who have Greenified was none other than the star of Sex and the City. Sarah was highlighted for her child's clothing. He wears hand-me-downs. In addition, she has arrived for appearances in a chaffeur driven prius rather than a gas-guzzling Town Car.

It's nice to see celebrities making headlines for green behavior rather than gossipy incidents!

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