Greenify Your Business Travel – Part 2

June 6, 2008

Greenifying your business travel involves more than just examining your travel and hotel choices. The simple acts of bringing along a travel mug for that airport cup of coffee, using a reusable water bottle, turning off your hotel room lights and air conditioning when you leave and bringing your own toiletries in reusable bottles all help to greenify.

If you are attending or planning meeting where you need to write things down for the room to see- consider using a white board with eco-friendly markers or overhead projector rather than a pad of easel paper or flip charts.

Unplug laptops, Treo’s, cell phones, etc after charging so that you aren’t inadvertently pulling a phantom energy load.

If you are hosting a luncheon or dinner, consider having it catered using local ingredients and real china and silverware. America’s Second Harvest will come and pick up the any leftovers if you are in a major metropolitan area. Provide tap water in pitchers rather than bottled water. If you need a marketing give-away, consider a stainless steel water bottle with your logo and company name.

If planning a conference, utilizing online registration will save paper. If conference marketing materials are needed, offer them as a PDF on the web, allowing participants the choice to print or not.

And in the end, consider whether or not you really do need to make that 6,000 mile roundtrip from Los Angeles to New York. Could you achieve your objectives with a conference call or video conferencing? Cisco’s new TelePresence is apparently as lifelike as being in the same room. The greenest way to Greenify your business travel might be to just stay at the office.

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