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Welcome to Green Business Alliance®

Preserving the environment is now front and center. Corporate Social Responsibility, the umbrella word that for years has described how companies affect and impact the lives of the people they touch, has taken on a new meaning and renewed importance.

You may ask how this affects every individual business? The answer is in an increasingly significant manner. The business community has an unprecedented opportunity to lead their employees and subsequently our citizenry to a Greener future. 

Green Business Alliance is focused on teaching businesses what is involved in becoming Greenified. Our program is very straight forward and easy to follow. We recognize that not every company will be able to follow every recommendation, but you will be surprised at the number of positive steps that can be easily adopted to boost your level of Corporate Social Responsibility in terms of protecting the environment and preserving our resources.  

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Greenify® =
Adopting Environmentally Sensitive Business Practices

Why Greenify® your business?

  • Benefit the environment
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Boost company morale
  • Set a positive example for employees
  • Lower expenses by improving efficiency
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As business professionals, Green Business Alliance understands the balance that must be achieved between adopting a Corporate Social Responsibility posture and managing the demands of your business. Our mission is to help you to arrive at a workable Green related focus, while driving benefits for your business as well.

Greenifying your company will help the environment and will provide an impressive differentiator for prospective customers who are considering a business relationship with you. It can also be a meaningful tool for retaining customers. Corporate Social Responsibility no longer applies to only large corporations with operations across the globe, it is for every business.