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Green Business Alliance to Enable Businesses to Become "Greenified"

Boca Raton, Fla. - Feb. 26, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE)- As the president and co-founder of one of the nation's leading search engine marketing firms, MoreVisibility, Andrew Wetzler has made numerous business trips to Silicon Valley, the epicenter of the Internet revolution.

While visiting the area, Wetzler became immersed in the Northern California culture of operating a green business, an issue that’s at the cornerstone of environmental awareness. As Wetzler explained, "I was really impressed and intrigued with the environmental commitment I saw while there."

Armed with this greater sense of corporate environmental responsibility, Wetzler was determined to establish the best 'green' practices at his two-time INC. 500 Company. In doing so he realized there wasn’t much in the way of a roadmap for a business that wanted to "go green." Thus, the seed of an idea was born.

Together with long-time business partner and highly successful entrepreneur, Dennis Pushkin and Hilary Kusel, a former consultant at Accenture and manager with GE Capital and GE Medical Systems, they have formed the Green Business Alliance. It is an organization dedicated to providing environmental know how to the nation’s business community. (

Green Business Alliance’s mission is to help integrate environmental stewardship into a business’ daily practices. Its main objective is to enable a business to become “Greenified” and demonstrate its commitment to a Green business future to customers, prospective customers and the community through the display of several recognition channels provided by Green Business Alliance.

“Andy, Hilary and I believe strongly that being identified as a Green Business Alliance partner will go a long way towards contributing to environmental sustainability, while also raising awareness of this worldwide issue,” said Pushkin. “We’re hoping that our vision will spread across the country and eventually around the world.”

Becoming a Green Business Alliance partner is a manageable step-by-step process. An interested business leader or owner can visit, complete a brief enrollment form and pay a modest application fee. In return, the business will receive Green Business Alliance’s “Greenify” Guidelines. After implementing the items on the list and acceptance from Green Business Alliance, the company will receive a Greenified Kit, which includes:

  • Green Business Alliance Greenified Seal to proudly post on its website
  • Greenified plaque and window decals to prominently display in its office
  • Press release announcing it is a Greenified company for its distribution
  • Placement in the GreenVisibility Directory

Wetzler hopes that every business that is identified as an Alliance partner will receive positive feedback from its customers, and create a healthier work environment while simultaneously, raising environmental awareness to higher levels.

“Addressing challenges to our environment is becoming more and more mainstream,” said Wetzler. “Virtually everyone recognizes that we have put a strain on resources at all levels and a collective effort by businesses is a step in the right direction.”

Kusel said that while the goal of the organization is to establish a foothold for businesses of all sizes in the environmental movement, there can be some financial benefits to becoming “Greenified.”

“By adhering to the Green Business Alliance principles, businesses may reduce their electric and water bills,” said Kusel, a Princeton graduate and Certified Six Sigma Black Belt who serves as the organizations Executive Director. “Greenified businesses will also be contributors to recycling efforts, which will help lessen the impact of waste on the environment.”

“Becoming Greenified through the Green Business Alliance may not require that a business make radical changes to its standard operating procedures,” stressed Kusel. “The steps required to become Greenified are designed to be implemented without disturbing the existing framework of most businesses.”

“Corporate Social and Environmental responsibility is no longer solely the domain of large corporations,” said Pushkin. “The Green Business Alliance provides clear and concise guidelines to make a valuable and ongoing contribution to society for any size business whether it is a sole proprietorship or one with hundreds of employees.”

Pushkin said that a portion of proceeds from the Organization’s fees will be donated to worthy “green” causes.

For more information about the Green Business Alliance its principles and steps to become a partner, see

About Green Business Alliance

Green Business Alliance has assumed a leading role in assisting businesses to understand what it means to be Green, identifying attainable objectives and then implementing more environmentally responsible business practices. Green Business Alliance helps companies Greenify for better business. “Greenifying” a company will help the environment and will also provide a more compelling reason for prospective customers to work with the business. The company is based in Boca Raton, Fla and can be found on the web at

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