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Personal Training Company Turns Water Into Green Winnings

We Bit Fit

WeBeFit Eliminates Plastic Water Bottles, Recycles Water and Wins the Best Greenified™ Idea Contest

Boca Raton, Fla. - July 28, 2008 -WeBeFit, a Key West, Fla.-based personal training company is the winner of the Green Business Alliance and Farmers' Almanac™ "Best Greenified™ Business Idea Contest," both organizations announced today. The contest was seeking a unique, effective and innovative green business practice that has been, or can be, successfully implemented in a company.

WeBeFit found a unique way to Greenify by eliminating plastic recyclable water bottles from their company.

"We realized that using plastic water bottles made from petroleum, even though they could be recycled, was not efficient," said Dan Reynen, who submitted the winning entry. "Every step of the way plastic water bottles used non-renewable fossil fuels to be made, shipped, trucked and flown hundreds or thousands of miles."

WeBeFit came up with a plan. The firm purchased almost 200 27 oz. stainless steel bottles and lids, an energy star dishwasher and a premium reverse osmosis water filter.

Each day the chilled bottles of water are waiting for clients. After they are used, the bottles are put in the dishwasher and caps are sanitized. Once the bottles are clean, they are filled with filtered water and placed in the refrigerator so they're ready for clients when they arrive. To top things off, excess water is emptied into a watering can and is used to water the facility's plants.

"Our stainless steel bottles, dishwasher and filter paid for themselves in five months," said Reynen. "Now, as fuel prices go up and bottled water becomes more expensive, our cost and impact on the environment remains constant - zero."

WeBeFit wins the grand prize - a $500 gift card and a donation to the Nature Conservancy in WeBeFit's name. The business will also receive 500 custom imprinted copies of the Farmers' Almanac™ and its winning idea will be featured on the Green Business Alliance and Farmers' Almanac websites.

"The Greenified idea submitted by WeBeFit is the kind of environmental innovation that Green Business Alliance strives to provide its partners," said Hilary Kusel, executive director of Green Business Alliance. "We hope that all businesses look at the advantages of switching to water containers that will not end up in landfills."

"The Farmers' Almanac has always included ideas and stories on ways to do things smarter and more in tune with nature," states Sandi Duncan, managing editor of the Farmers' Almanac, adding "We're happy to salute WeBeFit for taking a challenge, using some ingenuity and coming up with a a great green idea. We hope more companies will be inspired by this idea and come up with some ways to be more earth-friendly in their every day business."

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