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Green Business Alliance Frequently Asked Questions

Why join Green Business Alliance?

Green Business Alliance was founded by seasoned professionals who understand the important balance between operating a business and incorporating a heightened sensitivity to the environmental issues that a business creates. Our Advisory Board is comprised of highly successful individuals who are deeply entrenched in both business and environmental capacities. Please review bios for both company executives and also our Advisory Board.

Why should I invest money to Greenify my business…isn’t the same material available for free?

There is a wealth of information available on the internet regarding environmentalism, Corporate Social Responsibility, carbon offsets, etc. Green Business Alliance’s mission is to consolidate this information, present it in an easily actionable format and promote businesses through our GreenVisibility Directory.

In addition to the guidance we offer to Greenify your business, companies participating receive numerous benefits. These include wristbands and pins to share with employees and a listing in the GreenVisibility Directory  (with a special notation for those who have successfully Greenified their businesses). Companies who complete the Greenify process receive a seal to place on their website and marketing materials, a wall plaque for the office and a window decal to proudly display.

Will I have to implement every item in the guidelines in order to become Greenified?

Obviously it would be great if you are able to implement every item contained in the Guidelines. However, we realize that this is probably not a realistic goal for all businesses. We are available to field questions while you are going through the implementation phase. If for some reason you are not able to implement a task, there is a space provided on the Submission Page to explain what the task is and why you are not able to complete it.

What is the value of the Green Business Alliance seal?

The Green Business Alliance seal shows employees, customers and prospective customers that you are committed to operating your business in an environmentally conscious manner. In addition, it will likely set you apart from your competitors.

How do I enroll in the Business or Residential program?

To enroll in the Business Program, please fill out the form and associated payment information on the Greenify your Business page of our website.

To enroll in the Residential Program, please fill out the form and associated payment information on the Greenify your Home page of our website.

How did you arrive at your Greenify criteria?

Our Greenify Guidelines were created through an extensive research initiative. The goal was to establish a set of objectives for businesses that  will make a significant improvement in their environmental footprint, while accounting for the demands of operating a profitable business.

When will I receive the Guidelines to Greenify?

Once you have completed either the business or residential enrollment form and paid the associated fee, you should receive an email containing Green Business Alliance’s Guidelines to Greenify in a .pdf format within 24 hours.

What happens if my business is already doing some green things that are contained within  the Guidelines to Greenify?

Congratulations! That is terrific news for you and your business. Simply check that item off and move on to the next task. Of course, we will recognize any item that you have already implemented.

How much does it cost to Greenify my business?

The cost to Greenify a business is dependent upon the number of employees in a particular location. The breakdown is as follows:

1-25 employees $475/year
26-50 employees $675/year
51-100 empoyees $875/year
101+ employees Contact Us for a custom quote

How much does it cost to Greenify my home?

The cost to Greenify a residence is $149 per year per residence. If you are interested in Greenifying more than one residence per family, please contact us for a custom quotation.

What is a REC and how are they purchased?

A REC is a Renewable Energy Certificate.  The certificate is proof that 1 megawatt hour of electricity was generated from a renewable energy source. Please see our blog RECs – Dollars and Sense for more details. RECs can be purchased from a variety of providers.

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