Earth Day 2012...Mobilizing the Earth

April 4, 2012

You may be counting down the days to Earth Day, but I assure you, we at the Green Business Alliance, we are counting down the minutes to April 22, 2012.

This year the theme of Earth Day 2012 is "Mobilize the Earth." It is the 42nd Anniversary of Earth Day.

When Earth Day began in 1970, it was designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment.

It was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson, (D) Wisconsin as an environmental sort of “teach-in.” He announced his proposal to a fledgling conservation group in 1969, hoping that a grass-roots effort would prove to Washington that Americans in every state did care and at the same time, light a fire under the country's Greenification efforts, still in their infancy at the time.

After a bit of rooting around for a name, “Earth Day” just seemed logical, according to all involved and they got started organizing the actual event. It was clearly a movement just getting off the ground. The organizers, mostly volunteers and some still in school, were thrilled when New York City agreed to take part with then-Mayor John Lindsay saying that he would shut down Fifth Avenue for the event.

By the time the day rolled around, participation had swelled to 20 million Americans. There were massive coast-to-coast rallies and thousands of college and university-organized protests against the deterioration of the environment. Groups that had been fighting pollution in factors and industrial areas, trying to clean up oil spills, toxic dumps and raw sewage, and prevent spoilage from pesticides and chemical fertilizers used and over-used in our environment, all suddenly came together for a day of celebrating the Earth and recognizing their common values.

There are many ways to become involved...

•  Attend an Earth Day Event
•  Organize an Earth Day Event
•  Greenify your home or business
•  Join an Earth Day Campaign

Check out Earth Day Network's home page to find out more about Earth Day 2012... the history, ways to participate, programs (international, education and policy) or pledge an act of green.

It’s less than 3 weeks before the big day…plenty of time to take action and start thinking about your Green resolutions for Earth Day 2012!


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