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About Green Business Alliance

Green Business Alliance has assumed a leading role in assisting businesses to understand what it means to be Green, identifying attainable objectives and then implementing more environmentally responsible business practices. Our mission at Green Business Alliance is to help integrate environmental stewardship into your daily business practices.

We understand that it is naïve to think that a business can go Green overnight or that every recommendation can be implemented within every company. Green Business Alliance understands these dynamics and presents our members with the support and expertise to incrementally boost the Green qualities of their businesses.

The chief objective of Green Business Alliance is to help businesses become “Greenified” and be able to demonstrate their commitment to a Green business future to customers, prospective customers and their community through the display of several recognition channels that we provide.

Our Leadership Team includes professionals who have a considerable track record of success in all aspects of business development.

In addition, our Advisory Board is a unique collection of leaders who have established a strong reputation for their understanding of sustainability issues and their passion toward a Greener planet. 


About Green Alliance 

Green Alliance provides guidance on how to Greenify daily practices at home and in the office. By Greenify, we mean adopting environmentally sensitive practices. Green Alliance is comprised of Green Business Alliance, Green Home Alliance and the GreenVisibility Directory.  In short, Green Alliance helps companies Greenify for better business and homes Greenify today for a better tomorrow. In addition, the GreenVisibility Directory provides a platform for Green thinking companies and customers to connect. Become part of Green Alliance today!