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NTRglobal North America Becomes Green Business Alliance Greenified

Remote solutions provider implements changes to boost environmental sustainability

Dallas, TX – May 14, 2008 – NTRglobal, an innovative leader in remote support and remote administration solutions, announced today that it is officially a “Greenified” company. With the guidance of Green Business Alliance, NTRglobal has successfully implemented specific practices that will benefit the environment and its employees through the integration of environmental stewardship into daily business practices.

“NTRglobal is committed to doing our part to help address global warming,” said Andre Angel, CEO of NTRglobal North America. “We are pleased that Green Business Alliance has enabled us to meet our company’s environmental goals. We believe that our work to Greenify our organization will help the environment and will provide an impressive differentiator for prospective customers who are considering using our services. It can also be a meaningful tool for retaining our current customers.”

In making the corporation “Greenified”, NTRglobal has made changes to its daily business practices as they relate to copying, printing, recycling, energy use and more. 

“We are proud to support NTRglobal’s commitment to Greenify their daily business practices,” said Hilary Kusel, Executive Director of Green Business Alliance. “The corporate community has an unprecedented opportunity to lead employees and subsequently our citizenry to a greener future. NTRglobal’s efforts demonstrate how a software company can make a positive impact in the community and on our environment.”

About NTRglobal

More than 12,000 companies of all sizes in more than 60 countries rely on NTRglobal to deliver enterprise-grade security and reliability for on demand remote support with NTRsupport™ for their PCs, servers and Windows Mobile devices and remote administration with NTRadmin™ to manage and automate their IT tasks. NTRglobal secure software-as-a-service (SaaS) combines award-winning functionality, proven integration, including Salesforce and other major CRM systems, point-and-click administration and scalability, global capabilities, customization and robust reporting for 360 degree visibility and compliance management. Offering a superior customer experience with dedicated regional and global support, NTRglobal applications are offered in 15 languages, including those with double-byte characters. All NTRglobal applications are hosted from 11 data centers around the world. NTRglobal operates these secure, global data centers with fail-over capabilities to ensure robust performance and reliability.

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About Green Business Alliance

Green Business Alliance is a national firm helping companies “Go Green.”  They have assumed a leading role in enabling organizations to Greenify. Their proprietary Guidelines give specific direction to companies who are looking to implement more environmentally responsible business practices. To Greenify not only helps the environment, it also provides a compelling reason for prospective customers to work with a business. The organization is based in Boca Raton, Florida and can be found on the web at

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