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MilliCare® by EBC Carpet Services Is Green Business Alliance Greenified

Business covering Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Delaware, and Philadelphia, implements changes in an effort to boost environmental sustainability

Lanham, MD – April 11, 2008 – MilliCare® by EBC Carpet Services, the carpet services company, announced today that it has officially Greenified its Maryland and Delaware locations. With the guidance of Green Business Alliance, MilliCare® by EBC Carpet Services has successfully implemented specific greener business practices that will benefit the environment and its employees while also boosting its level of Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility.

“MilliCare® by EBC Carpet Services is committed to doing our part to help address global warming and other key environmental issues,” said Geoff Snavely, General Manager of MilliCare® by EBC Carpet Services. “We are pleased that Green Business Alliance has enabled us to meet our company’s environmental goals. We believe that Greenifying our company will help the environment and will provide an impressive differentiator for customers who are either considering or currently using our services. MilliCare® by EBC has been focused on the environment for many years and we want to continue taking an extremely active leadership role with the incredibly important initiative of making a positive impact on our planet.”

In making their business Go Green, MilliCare® by EBC Carpet Services has made changes to its daily business practices as they relate to copying, printing, recycling, energy use and more.

“We are proud to support MilliCare® by EBC Carpet Services’s commitment to Greenify their daily business practices,” said Hilary Kusel, Executive Director of Green Business Alliance. “The business community has an unprecedented opportunity to lead employees and subsequently our citizenry to a Greener future. MilliCare® by EBC Carpet Services’ efforts demonstrate how a carpet service’s company can make a positive impact in the community and on our environment.”

About MilliCare® by EBC Carpet Services

EBC Carpet Services is a franchise of MilliCare® Textile and Carpet Care. They provide environmentally friendly, preventive maintenance programs for commercial carpet, upholstery on chairs and office furniture, and other maintenance services focused on helping customers maintain the highest level of appearance possible and extending the life of these products.  The company is based in Wilmington, DE and has another main office in Lanham, MD.  More company information can be found on the web at

About Green Business Alliance

Green Business Alliance has assumed a leading role in enabling companies to understand what it means to Go Green, identifying attainable objectives and then implementing more environmentally responsible business practices. Green Business Alliance helps companies Greenify for Better Business. Greenifying a company will help the environment and will also provide a more compelling reason for prospective customers to work with the corporation. The organization is based in Boca Raton, Florida and can be found on the web at


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