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Insignia National is Green Business Alliance Greenified

Sign designer and provider  implements changes in an effort to go green and boost environmental sustainability

Carlsbad, CA – September 9, 2008 – Insignia National, a national sign network of America’s premier sign manufacturers, announced today that it is officially a Greenified company. With the guidance of Green Business Alliance, Insignia National has successfully implemented specific green operating procedures that will benefit the environment and its employees through the integration of environmental stewardship into their daily business practices.

“Insignia National is committed to doing our part to help address environmental sustainability,” said Joseph Arkeder, President of Insignia National “We are pleased that Green Business Alliance has enabled us to meet our company’s environmental goals. We believe that our work to Greenify® our organization will help the environment and will provide an impressive differentiator for prospective customers who are considering using our services. It can also be a meaningful tool for retaining our current customers.”

In making their company Go Green, Insignia National has made changes to its daily operations as they relate to copying, printing, energy use and more.

“We are proud to support Insignia National’s commitment to Greenify their daily business practices,” said Hilary Kusel, Executive Director of Green Business Alliance. “The corporate community has an unprecedented opportunity to lead employees and subsequently our citizenry to a Greener future. Insignia National’s efforts demonstrate how a sign company can make a positive impact in the community and on our environment not only with the services that they provide to their customers but also with the practices within their office.”

About Insignia National

Insignia National is leading the way with improvements in energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in all areas of our supply chain. Insignia National has embraced lean manufacturing processes, recycling programs, and innovations in low voltage lighting. We continue to look for better solutions as new technologies evolve and enrich our lives.
For our valued customers, this means that the products they purchase from Insignia National will be designed, engineered, manufactured and installed in line with the principles of quality, and efficiency with respect to our environment. Our commitment is to embrace the innovations in technology that point to a brighter future for now and for future generations.

About Green Business Alliance

Green Business Alliance is a national firm helping companies “Go Green.”  They have assumed a leading role in enabling organizations to Greenify their daily business practices. Their proprietary Guidelines give specific direction to companies who are looking to implement more environmentally responsible business practices. Upon completion of their Guidelines to Greenify, member organizations receive the “Greenified” seal, placement in the GreenVisibility Directory as well as other recognition premiums. To Greenify not only helps the environment, it also provides a compelling reason for prospective customers to work with a business. The organization is based in Boca Raton, Florida and can be found on the web at

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