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Green Business Alliance Opens “Legal Industry Vertical”

Green Business Alliance Now Enabling Law Firms to “Greenify”

Boca Raton, Fla. – Dec. 8, 2008 (WiredPRNews.Com) Green Business Alliance is a national firm helping businesses “Go Green.” Their proprietary “Guidelines to Greenify” give specific direction to companies that would like to become more environmentally friendly.

“Realizing that there was not a national organization providing a road map for businesses to become Greenified, we developed a set of criteria and a way for organizations to become part of the Go Green movement,” said Hilary Kusel, executive director of Green Business Alliance. “Green Business Alliance is guiding companies to Greenify by enabling them to integrate environmental stewardship into their daily business practices.”

"Legal professionals have expressed considerable interest in our program and we thought it was an appropriate time to make ourselves available to assist the legal community with their efforts to Go Green," Kusel continued. "Our program has been extremely well received in a number of important industries such as Education, Financial Services and Technology."

Once an organization becomes Greenified, they receive special tools to promote that fact , which include:

-  Green Business Alliance Greenified Seal to post on its Website
Greenified plaque and window decals to display in the workplace
-  Customized press release announcing the company is now Greenified
Greenified listing in the online GreenVisibility Directory
Greenified Lapel Pins and Wristbands

Kusel hopes that law firms identified as a Green Business Alliance partner will receive positive feedback from their clients while creating a healthier work environment and helping with the effort to raise environmental awareness.

She said that while the goal of her organization is to establish a foothold for businesses of all sizes in the environmental movement, there are possible financial benefits to becoming “Greenified.”

“By following the Green Business Alliance guidelines, companies are likely to reduce their utility bills among other cost savings” said Kusel. “Greenified businesses also contribute to recycling efforts and carbon off-sets, which helps reduce the environmental impact of waste.”

About Green Business Alliance

Green Business Alliance has taken a leading role in assisting businesses to understand what it means to “Go Green.” They provide a road map to Greenify through the implementation of environmentally responsible daily business practices. Green Business Alliance helps companies Greenify for better business. Greenifying not only helps the environment, it also provides a more compelling reason for prospective customers to work with an organization.

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