Unplug Phantom Electricity

January 29, 2012

Did you know that many electronic devices and appliances, such as cell phones, PDAs, computers, printers, faxes, microwaves, dryers, copiers, televisions and more, consume energy even when turned off? While you sleep, when you go away, while in your house and even when you are not, these appliances are using small amounts of electricity and costing you money. This phenomenon is known as phantom electricity. It can actually cost your business or home a significant amount of money each year.

You may ask why a device or appliance that is turned off is actually using electricity. The answer is that when you turn an appliance, cell phone, computer, or monitor to the ‘off’ mode, it doesn’t actually turn completely off. Rather, it goes into a sleep or rest mode. While ‘not on,’ each device or appliance uses small amounts of energy in order to be ready to instantly work when it is switched back to the on mode.
In order to avoid phantom electricity usage, think about items that are plugged in to an outlet that you do not use frequently. Unplug them after each use. For devices or appliances that are used more regularly, consider plugging them into a power strip which when switched to the ‘off’ mode is actually not consuming electricity. The simple act of unplugging frequently can save you some money at home and work while reducing electricity waste and helping our environment.
Start a new habit…unplug!


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