Water Bottles: Greenifying Your Life a Sip at a Time

July 16, 2010

You know how much I dislike bottled water, right?  I think plastic water bottles are second only to plastic grocery sacks in polluting our world and packing the landfills.  They waste space, resources and are generally a bad idea.  Bottled water isn't as good for you as water straight from the tap, particularly for children, because bottled water doesn't provide fluoride needed to protect teeth and keep your mouth healthy.  

That said, I do support the idea that drinking water is much healthier for our weight-challenged, overly stimulated society that needs to stop sucking down sugar carbonated drinks and even fruit juices (except in moderation) that lack the natural nutrients and fiber of eating the fruit out of hand.  So what's a person to do?

For months, I've been using the same plastic bottle that I recycled after being given the refreshment at a public event.  The plastic is a little thicker than most bottles, which makes it better for reuse, but means the manufacture of it required even more natural resources. 

I was at a gathering in Washington, DC two weeks ago (“Women Deliver,” which is an international women's and maternal health conference) as a member of the press and was given a “goodie bag” that contained a spiffy reusable metal water bottle.  It was green, so you know I loved it instantly!  I was fascinated because it is about a 20 ounce bottle, complete with a water-tight seal at the opening and a loop in case I want to carry it around my neck or at my belt line.  

I was thinking, “Wow, this is convenient!  And look, the convention put its logo on the outside so that everyone will know where I got it.”  And what a great marketing idea!

So think about it: last year, we talked about putting your name and logo on reusable shopping bags.  They were inexpensive, easily printable and the “oh-so-trendy” way to advertise your greenifying efforts to both current and potential customers. 

This year, people are using the shopping bags you've offered.   Cities all over the country are emphasizing reusable shopping bags, cutting down their pollution (is there anything worse than seeing those plastic bags on the side of the road or in a body of water?) and feeling better about what they're doing for the environment. If you made and provided these bags, you're a part of that good feeling.

Now step in and get ahead of the pack by considering putting out some reusable water bottles.  You can find a manufacturer or use one of these:



You can also get reusable plastic water bottles that are environmentally friendly and have no unhealthy side effects:


Ordering these bottles is a slightly more expensive option for putting your logo out there, but doing it now will put you a step ahead of the pack with your efforts to Greenify.  And it's a great way to continue to feel good about the way you're advertising your green business status. 


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