Green Is the Color of Your Business’ Bottomline!

March 16, 2009

Green is the color of your business’ bottomline… or it ought to be.   Did you know that two-thirds of Americans believe that going green at your business is good business strategy?   More and more frequently, consumers are starting to believe that the environment, ethics, and social stewardship bring increased brand value.

You can see it in the way they spend money: over the past 5 years, the sales of organic and all-natural products have increased 18 to 25 percent, year over year.  And you think about how much more frequently you see consumers in grocery stores with their own reusable grocery bags.  Those bags are popping up everywhere!

Studies also show that 30% of American consumers are willing to pay a premium (up to 20%) on clean, green products over non-sustainable, carbon-sucking alternatives.  The number grows every year. 

If your business is green (or going green), are you alerting customers to that in your marketing?   It’s considered a “growth area” for the advertising and marketing industry, and these days, every little bit helps.  You can post an emblem on your website, add it to your sales slips, put up a sign in the window and again at the check out counter. 

Supporting a green business is important to all of us.  It’s important to consumers.  It’s important to the planet.  It’s important to you and your employees because doing the right thing feels good.  And when adopting environmentally sensitive practices (making efforts to Greenify), or going green feels so right, there will be more businesses and more consuming joining in the effort as we go along.


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