Eat Sustainably on Earth Day 2009

March 2, 2009

Earth Day 2009, coming up on April 22nd.  Have you thought about your own personal celebration?  Let’s talk about a small, personal way to celebrate it that you can do for a day, a week, or the rest of your life: sustainable food.

You know what that is because we’ve talked about it before.  Sustainable food is food that is grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers and it’s grown locally, as much as possible.

It’s healthy for you and healthier for our environment because frankly, trucking food thousands of miles so that we can all enjoy South American grapes in March is, well, wasteful of natural resources.

It can be tough for some to suddenly switch to sustainable eating.  Mothers with finicky small children want their kids to have the benefits of fresh fruit year-round, in order to become accustomed to a “well-balanced diet.”  And others may have health problems that require them to eat specific foods.

But on Earth Day 2009, if we all pack a lunch instead of going out for fast food, we’ll be healthier.  If we carry that lunch in a reusable insulated bag, maybe the one we keep in the car to bring home groceries instead of using those (indestructible “disposable” plastic bags) to tote it in.  Maybe use some reusable storage containers (we prefer glass, but as long as you’re reusing, we don’t judge!) and bring in something from the local farmers’ market?  You can get fruits, vegetables, breads, cheeses and sometimes meats and fish there, depending on your location.  But check to see what the products’ origins are. 

Greenify your Earth Day celebration with a taste of what the Earth and those who farm it close to you produce.  Celebrate with the abundance of sustainable food.  And if you can celebrate with sustainable food once, maybe you’ll find a way to eat that way more frequently in the future beyond Earth Day 2009.


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