Earth Day: One Month and Counting!

March 18, 2009

Earth Day is one month away and, yes, we’re starting count the days here at the Green Business Alliance.  (It’s an “Earth Day” of sorts every day here, but we do take extra joy in the rest of the planet celebrating with us!)  Did you see the cool spinning globe and countdown timer on the front of our homepage?  Lots of activities and different events are being planned all around the world.

I think my favorite ones are the ones at schools.  The current generation is just getting started at cleaning up the world, but those kids are the ones who are going to have to push forward on the job.  And there are thousands of educators lining up to help them learn about those activities. 

Already, many schools have signed up to participate in National Environmental Education week from April 12 to 18.  During that time, they’ll focus their students attention on Earth Day through creating day after day of learning and activities in K-12 classrooms, nature centers, zoos, museums, and aquariums.  Think about it: thousands of eager young minds, all thinking about and learning about the problems of pollution in our world. Think of the good they can do if each of them just picks up one piece of trash on the way home after school!

It’d be nice of the rest of us grown-ups (and semi-grown-up people) would consider doing that, too.  Every little bit helps.  So turn off that light after you leave the room.  Recycle that soda can.  Stop drinking bottled water and get a filter system on your kitchen tap. 

Going green is going to take all of us making a concerted effort, long after Earth Day is over.  We’ve got a month to get ready for Earth Day and think about what we can do to Greenify and help one little patch of Earth at a time.


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