New Car? No Thanks!

October 13, 2008

Word that a new vehicle that gets 65 mpg will soon Greenify foreign shores but not be offered to car-loving Americans was a bit of a shock, wasn't it?  We all want to Go Green, and the reasons why we won’t get a chance at 65 mpg seemed murky at best.  The facts: the car runs on diesel and Americans consider diesel both smelly and dirty, also the auto is built in Europe and considered too expensive to ship to the U.S.
But what about saving fuel the old fashioned way?  Can we do it even without a pricey new car that gets great mileage but strains our already-pained pocketbooks? 

How about if we Greenify the old-fashioned way?  Using a meal plan to organize our grocery shopping will optimize both time and gas consumption.  If we plan our meals, we can make do with only one trip to the store per week, down from three or four or even nightly grocery shopping.  It may not seem like a lot, but those little stops can add up and detract from energy savings.

It also may be time to get a bike for those short hops around the neighborhood.  Get on the bike to call the kids to dinner.  Adding a little exercise may subtract a few dollars from our weekly gas consumption, but it can also subtract pounds. 

And carpooling is on an echo wave.  Where else can you find time to get to know your friends and neighbors better, while conserving energy?  Pick the right carpooler and you’ll find yourself arriving at the office less stressed out and with a better outlook on the day and week ahead.

Do all these things and you may save as much money as that 65 mpg vehicle would have offered, while keeping your dependable older car and realize savings there, too.  And using a product completely fits our Greenifying goal, too.  


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