Drip. Drip. Drip. Don’t Let Going Green Drip Away!

October 6, 2008

Are your efforts to go green leaking away a drop at a time?  A leaky faucet can lose as much as 50 gallons of water per day.  A leaky toilet can waste up to 200 gallons per day.  And a properly operating but aging commode can use twice as much water as a newer one.
Water is one of our most precious resources and if you aren’t careful, it can ruin your business’ efforts to Greenify.   So let’s start with those sinks. If they are leaking, that’s easily spotted and you can quickly get a plumber on it. 

Turn off the faucet when you don’t need it.  If you’re filling several buckets, turn off the water in between. Saving just that much water on a regular basis can help.

What about a leaky toilet?  Check if your toilet is leaking by placing a drop of food coloring in the tank; if the color shows in the bowl without flushing, you have a leak. And if your toilet was made before 1992, it may use 3.5 gallons of water, compared to 1.3 gallon per flush on more modern toilets.  Replace it and save money over time.

Also check your sprinkler system.  Drip irrigation systems use 20 to 50 percent less water than conventional sprinkler systems. They are also much more efficient than in-ground sprinklers because no water is lost to wind, runoff, and evaporation. 

Finally check utility bills.  When the bill goes up, check with your local supplier or municipality to find out if water rates went up, or if your savings are leaking away.
Saving water is one way to Greenify that can pay off in more ways than one. 


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