Customized Reusable Shopping Bags: Good for the Environment; Great for Your Company!

September 22, 2008

How would you like to put your name and advertising logo into the pocket or purse of each of your customers, while at the same time, greenifying your business and saving money long-term?

It’s possible.  Environmentalists estimate that 500 billion to 1 trillion of the bags are now used worldwide every year.  And studies show that 100,000 marine animals perish every year because of the plastic bags.  Maybe it’s time you looked around for reusable shopping bags for your customers. 

You can order them in your favorite colors, numerous styles and with your logo and name on the exterior.  Some fold up so small they fit in pockets or purses.  Others flatten for easy transport. 

And here’s another reason to put your bag into your customers’ hands.  If you think about it, when was the last time you wanted to carry a bag with one company’s logo on it into a competing company’s store to load on supplies?  Custom-made re-usable bags help reinforce brand loyalty while giving your business a reputation for “going green.”   And if you think saving the environment is a noble cause, think about how many fewer bags you’d have to buy down the road.  It might take a while to see those savings, but “if you provide them, they will come.”  And come again. 

Greenifying your business has benefits in so many ways, doesn’t it?  

Here are several companies that make customized reusable bags:


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