Green Polar Bears??

September 8, 2008

Can it be? Is it true? Are polar bears making an attempt to Greenify? Apparently the answer is yes. Well, yes for a few select polar bears that reside at the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in central Japan. Check out the picture. Before you jump to conclusions, these bears did not change their diets, or start a recycling program. Rather, their furry white coats have actually gone green. I doubt that they are trying to make an eco-statement to the world. Or perhaps they are.

However, zoo officials claim that the polar bears tactic to go green was just a chance event. It was the result of a lot of July swimming in an algae-filled pond. It is difficult to remove the algae from the bears' thick fur. It seems that this new fashion statement on their part is here to stay until the November time-frame. At that point, hopefully the temperatures will sub-side and so will the algae growth.


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