More Ways to Greenify your Commute

July 15, 2008

Social networking has been helping us make new friends, find partners or new jobs. And now, the latest incarnation of social networking will help to greenify your commute! is a new service, started by the same woman who founded ZipCar, which help you create your own personal public transportation network.

Coming to a car dealership near you in 2009 is the Th!nk City and the Th!nk Ox (yes, there really is an exclamation point there) 10,000 Th!nk City auto’s will be for sale in Europe during 2008 and Th!nk is planning on reaching the US market in 2009. The cars sell for about $25,000.00. The City charges overnight and can travel 124 miles on a single charge. The Ox which will be in production during 2010 will be able to travel between 125 miles and 155 miles on a single charge. Solar panels imbedded in the roof will keep the radio, instrument panel, air conditioning and navigation system fully charged.

You probably won't want to commute to work in a ZeroTruck, but if you own a delivery service, you might want to check it out. ZeroTrucks, a medium payload truck, will be launched during the fall of 2008 at the South Bay Truck Center in Carson, CA. The zero-emission electric truck has a 100 mile range, will charge overnight
and can haul between 4,000 and 6,000 pounds.


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