Green Resources Part 2

July 10, 2008

New links to Greenify have been coming our way fast and furiously. The Clothesnik from eliminates the need for plastic bags from the dry cleaner. Simply take your clothes to the dry cleaners in the bag and ask them to use the 100% cotton bag to cover your clothes with when the clothes are cleaned. You will be in good company- Rob Reiner is a devotee!

An ingenious dance club Club 4 Climate is opening up this week in London. Club 4 Climate will waive the entry fee to any club goer who can prove they arrived via foot, bicycle or public transit. Green standards of low voltage lighting, organic and fair trade beverages and recycled materials are employed throughout the club as well as a grey water system to flush the toilets. But what really makes Club 4 Climate unique is where the power comes from. 60% of the power used is generated via the dance floor.

The British are on a roll this week. The BBC is looking for a UK-based couple getting married in 2008 and planning a green wedding. If you qualify and want to participate, contact Mark Wheeler at the BBC (

And in other international green news, The Green School is opening up in Bali for pre-schoolers through 8th grade. The school is remarkably sustainable with organic vegetable and permaculture gardens; using a variety of organic materials to produce electricity; aquaculture ponds and more. They plan to accept international boarding students in the 7th grade and up.

And finally, the Kiwi from PLX Devices will help greenify your driving. The Kiwi is a diagnostic tool which can evaluate any inefficient driving patterns. It is reputed to save you up to 33% of your fuel usage!


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