Green Hotel Options

July 7, 2008

Vacation time is here! I’ve recently been doing some research on green vacations and green hotels and have been fascinated to see all the different ways hoteliers are making efforts to Greenify. Almost fifteen years or so ago, I remember thinking some hotels in Arizona to be extremely eco-minded in that they were working to conserve water by not washing towels or bedding every day.

And while that practice seems to be spreading nationwide, I’m glad that lots of new ideas are coming into vogue as well. The Environmentally Friendly Hotels website has gone into depth as to what each hotel in their database actually does to be green. You can plug a destination into their search engine such as “Sarasota” and all the hotels with green practices in that area will come up. The hotels are rated with one to seven trees depending on how many practices they follow and you can check out exactly what those green habits may be.

The Green Hotel Association maintains a list of green hotels both within the US and internationally.

Some of the new innovations in the green hotel industry include recycling buildings (rather than just building a new one); the Kimpton hotel chain has remodeled old hotels, a post office, a warehouse and a department store. Other hotels are using alternative energy for power, solar tubes for light, supplying organic snacks in the mini-bar and eco-friendly toiletries in the bathroom and installing low-flow faucets in the showers and sinks.

Next up, entrepreneur Richard Branson is planning an eco-resort on the British Virgin Island’s Mosquito Island. Solar and wind will supply the energy, guests will be fed from an on island organic garden and orchard and beach mobiles will be moving along with bio-fuels. I wonder if he will consider a more eco-friendly name for the island?


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