Sticky Fingers and a Blue Trash Can

March 3, 2008

Having just returned from a week outside of the office, I was thrilled to walk into the kitchen to see that someone was kind enough to bring in a dozen fresh donuts. I went looking for a plastic knife, as my philosophy for eating donuts is that it’s less fattening to eat one in pieces (even if I wind up eating the whole thing).

My search for a plastic knife was unsuccessful, and then I remembered that part of our internal effort to become a Green office was to finish our current supply and then transition to actual silverware that you have to bring from home, and then take home to wash. Needless to say, I was unprepared for the change in regimen and as a result was forced to break apart the donut with my fingers. I wonder whether the resulting use of a paper towel (recycled of course!) after I washed my sticky fingers was as anti-green as if I had used a plastic knife in the first place.

Another change I noticed was the appearance of a blue trash can under my desk. After inquiring with my peers, I found out that it is specifically for paper, magazines, newspapers, junk mail etc. that can be recycled. I now have a bit less legroom under my desk, but am pleased that I have taken another step in our quest to operate as a Green office.


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