Greenify Your Morning Coffee

July 29, 2008

I discovered a new way to greenify my mornings! You’ve heard of Fair Trade, shade grown and organically grown coffee. And now there is Solar Roast! Two brothers in Pueblo, CO roast coffee via the sun. Four years ago, Dave and Mike invented a solar coffee roaster using mirrors, a broccoli steamer and a satellite dish. Today they are the only commercial solar coffee roasters in the world. They have a coffee shop in Pueblo and also sell their coffee via retail and wholesale. As far as I could tell, only the Tanzania Peaberry is certified organic. Interestingly enough, carbon neutral roasting doesn’t take much longer than more conventional roasting.

One company has decided to revert back to the sailing days of old to beat fuel prices. The French shipping outfit Compagnie de Transport Maritime a la Volle (CMTV) chartered the Kathleen & May, a 106 year old tall ship, to transport 30,000 bottles of wine from Southern France to Dublin. The ship travels at half the speed of a modern cargo vessel at a top speed of 8 knots and emits exactly zero carbon dioxide. One could say that the voyage was a gimmick in order for the wine producers to Greenify their labels, but ultimately, the tall shops could turn into an economically viable means of transportation as oil prices keep increasing. CMTV has chartered four other ships to transport Fair Trade coffee (hear that Solar Roast?), jams and alcoholic beverages. Start your day off right and Greenify your morning cup of coffee!

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